Welcome to the ocha cluster’s internal documentation website! The blog has comment areas if you have questions. See the pages to the right for information on how to use the cluster, as well as policies for usage.

Cluster status

If you want to see a lot of information on current cluster load, check out the public website:¬†http://ocha.cs.loyola.edu/. Click on “ganglia” if the page appears blank, to see the graphs.

Basic Policy Summary

  1. Any Loyola University Maryland faculty member has the right to use the cluster for research that is appropriate for cluster usage. Any LUM student performing research with one of these faculty may also gain access to the cluster during their involvement in the research project.
  2. You must use the job submission system to run jobs, unless they are MATLAB jobs.
  3. You must acknowledge the NSF grant on any paper you publish using results gained through the ocha cluster.
  4. All (processed) results and code must be made publicly available upon publication, per NSF transparency guidelines.
  5. Technical questions go to George Hall (sys admin).
  6. Policy questions go to Megan Olsen (PI).
  7. The PIs reserve the right to update policy at any time in the best interest of the majority of users. The PIs have final say in policy.

The People 

The NSF MRI grant submission was organized and written by Megan Olsen, Biggi Albrecht, Dave Binkley, and Jeremy Schwartz. George Hall is the system administrator of the cluster. In addition, many faculty from across the natural and applied sciences and business also wrote research write-ups that were included in the final grant proposal to NSF: Raenita Fenner, Rob Bailey, David Hoe, Randy Jones, Mary Lowe, and Srikanth Ramamurthy.