Who can use the cluster?

Any faculty member who has been trained or understands how to use the cluster correctly.

Any student performing research with a trained faculty member who has demonstrated that they know how to use the cluster. Student readiness is determined by their advising faculty member.

How does someone learn how to use the cluster?

There will be a separate significantly smaller piece of the cluster that is specifically for training purposes. This will allow new users to learn how to run code, and transfer data, without accidentally ruining jobs other people are running on the full cluster. This cluster has the same setup, but not the same power, and thus should not be used for running actual jobs, but only for training.

Primarily new users will learn how to use the cluster by reading How To pages on this website. If desired, the PIs can put together a video for new users to watch on the basics of what it means to use a computing cluster.

What software is provided on the cluster?

Initially, all software required by faculty involved in writing the grant, as specified during the grant writing period, will be installed. If new software is needed in the future, the faculty member should contact George Hall with the software needed, how to access the software for installation, and a license if applicable.

Any software purchases must be done ahead of time through either a department, dean, or other discretionary funds available to the faculty member. Costs may be shared among departments or schools for software that will be used by faculty across those groups. The cluster administration is not responsible for paying for any software needs.